Early Learning Centre : Over A Hundred New Toys

Playing is an essential  part of a child’s development and growth. At ELC, we believe learning should be fun, so our toys are designed for learning and for play. As the foremost supplier of educational toys for children, ELC understands the needs of parents and of course, children. We take safety and quality very seriously and this is evident in our collections every season. To encourage discovery and exploration, ELC offers children and parents the opportunity for a free trial, before deciding which toys to buy.

In this season, ELC would like to introduce the new educational toys collection that are fun and safe for children.

ELC new toys collection have 4 (four) advantages:

1. Play Value. All of ELC's products have an educational element which are also fun, so children enjoy learning and playing.

2. Safety. ELC follows the highest safety norms. ELC has Security certificates from British and European authorities (BS EN71), Lion Mark which issued by British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA), and also Indonesian National Standard  (SNI). This is very important to parents in determining toys for their children.

3. Quality. ELC toys use the highest quality materials. We ensure that the product has the right specifications for the child that is going to use it.

4. Value for Money. All of the ELC toys are of the highest quality and use the best materials at a fantastic value for money.

The new toys collection includes 8 (eight) product categories, such as: Baby&Toddler, Let’s Pretend, Sports&Activity, Puzzle&Games, Action&Adventure, Art&Creativity, Making Music and Learning Tools. These categories will facilitate every parent to choose right toys for their children.

In supporting the children's development, ELC has various selections of educational toys such as: Stacking, Shape, Alphabet, Village Set, to the toys that allow them to move and work like adults, like operating the cash register and racing car. ELC also helps to stimulate children's sensory motor based on their phases of age, such as:

6 months and above

It this phase, children are able to move actively and are having sense of curiousity. So they should play toys that have higher complexity, and full of lights and sounds, as they love to immitate things.

18 months and above

Children are able to exercise their imagination and tell stories. They also already have their hands and brain coordination, so they begin to be interested in animal, cars, village set and the furniture toys.

3-8 years old

As of today today, ELC has 30 stores across 11 major cities in Indonesia, such as: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makasar, Manado, Medan and  Palembang. Moreover, ELC provides e-commerce service (24/7) through www.elc.co.id.

For further information, please contact:
Kanmo Retail Group
Farah Meutia
Public Relations
T. +6221 352 0729 ext. 472
M. +62813 8071 5135
E. farah.meutia@kanmoretail.com

  • Early Learning Centre : Over A Hundred New Toys
  • Early Learning Centre : Over A Hundred New Toys
  • Early Learning Centre : Over A Hundred New Toys

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